Are you a hard-working professional feeling overwhelmed by constant changes and high workloads?

 What if you could finally break free from distractions and maintain focus on your most important tasks?

 How would it feel to regain control of your time and energy, and effortlessly managing your workload?


Mentoring may be just what you need. I would love to help.


The Focus Mentoring program follows The Focus Formula, a comprehensive framework designed to help you regain control over your life by addressing the key areas that impact your productivity and well-being.

By defining a clear vision of your goals and aspirations, mastering the art of time management, optimising your energy levels, and filtering out distractions, the Focus Formula provides a structured yet personalised approach to enhance your focus and efficiency.

Combined with individual sessions and a tailored approach, the Focus Formula ensures you stay on track and continuously progress towards your goals.

The Focus Mentoring Program leverages this powerful formula to help you gain more energy, time, and focus.

Under my guidance you will develop personalised strategies to clarify your vision, manage your time effectively, and maintain energy levels.

My mentorship will also equip you with techniques to enhance your attention and design productive environments, all while providing continuous support and accountability.

Come join me to transform your busy life into your success and achieve your dreams with clarity and confidence.


3 months of tailored support just for you.

Initial Scoping Meeting

First session to understand your unique and specific needs and be introduced to the Focus Formula. 

Focus Mentoring Plan

Every great adventure needs a map. Your Focus Mentoring Plan is developed based on your goals and steps to achieve them

Accountability Sessions

Personal calls from Angela to keep you motivated and on track. That's 12 calls over the program. No excuses here!

Accountability Messages

Everyone needs a reminder to stay focused. Receive an email from Angela designed just for you.

Focus Strategy Playbook

Receive a comprehensive Focus Strategy Playbook for you to design the life of your dreams!

Curated Playlists and Articles

Receive curated playlists, podcasts and articles to inspire and educate. All chosen to support you and your growth.


Candis Henry

Bossy Boots Early Learning Centre

After working with Angela on not just a team level but a business owner level, I feel confident in my leadership skills. I continuously reflect on our sessions and discussions when I'm looking for tools to manage different situations. Im so immensely grateful she came into my life."

Melissa Marsden 


As a Mum of 4 kids ‚Äď 16 through to a newborn! ‚Äď life is busy! And keeping up with the changes that kids are facing is exhausting, with each new phase of development we‚Äôre faced with new challenges.¬† Working with Angela helps me navigate the world of juggling parenting and work in a caring, supported and informative way that gives me confidence.¬†


  • Overcome overwhelm and find clarity.
  • Focus your busy brain by implementing proven strategies to manage distractions and maintain focus.
  • Regain control over working with time and energy management techniques to stay on top of your responsibilities and dreams.
  • Enhance productivity and efficiency.
  • Work Smarter by developing habits that boost productivity and efficiency.
  • Streamline tasks to manage your workload better.
  • Achieve your goals and succeed in what is important to you.
  • Set clear, actionable goals and work towards them with confidence.
  • Develop systems for reflection and improvement continuously assessing your progress and refine your strategies for sustained growth.
  • Access to a professional with 20 years of mentoring experience working with busy brains and busy lifestyles.
  • A trusted advisor who has your back and only wants the best for you.
  • Weekly accountability means you stay on track and focused on your goals.


Mentoring with Angela is perfect for you if:

  • If you are a busy professional struggling to juggle multiple responsibilities and deadlines.
  • If you are seeking strategies to manage your time and energy more effectively.
  • If you are a manager who is looking to develop habits that boost personal and team productivity.
  • If you are a business owner eager to set clear, actionable goals and work towards them with confidence.
  • You are committed to making conscious choices and decisions that may be new or different to what you are used to.
  • You are prepared to grow and do the work to make positive change in your life.
  • If you are prepared to work with someone who is honest and will challenge and motivate you.

Mentoring with Angela is not for you if:

  • You¬†prefer to remain stuck in¬†your current routines and habits.
  • You¬†are looking for quick 'fixes'.
  • You¬†are not open to trying new strategies or stepping out of¬†your comfort zone.
  • You are consistently put off taking action and lack the motivation to change.
  • You are not willing to take responsibility for their own focus and productivity.
  • Your current mental health requires psychological intervention. Please consult a Psychologist prior to commencing mentoring.
  • You can't commit the time over the duration of the 3 month program. It will be worth it if you can!

Focus Mentoring 

Learn the formula to gain the time, energy and focus you need to thrive.

Not quite ready to commit to the program?

Book a focus session with Angela

Sometimes we feel stuck and we just can't see the next best step.

Angela is a master at cutting through the noise and getting to the core of what is really going in and then how to move forward.

Angela offers limited spaces for private sessions where you get to work with her in helping you shape the next best step for you or your business. Sessions are conducted online so it doesn't matter where you are getting unstuck and refocused is possible. 

In the Focus Session you will cover;

  • Your immediate need and long-term goals.
  • Where you are getting stuck and distracted.
  • An action plan to help you know your next best step.
  • Strategies on how to stay focused and achieve the goals that matter to you.
Angela Lockwood

Calm Confident Kids 

A place where parents gain the tools they need to feel confident in raising well-rounded kids ... without the overwhelm.