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Progress to Thrive

Customised programs for forward thinking businesses.

We offer a range of transformative programs tailored to help you and your team thrive in today's fast-paced world. From engaging in-person workshops to personalized coaching and innovative online programs, we provide practical and meaningful solutions to keep your team focused, engaged and motivated.


If you are looking for ways to show your team they are supported to develop and contribute their best, then we would love to speak with you about providing a program for your team that is just right for you and just right for them.




Transform to Thrive for teams offers a transformative experience tailored for Not-for-Profit, Corporate, and Government workplaces.

Through immersive in-person workshops, team-building activities, and comprehensive resources, this program equips participants with the tools and mindset to excel in ever-evolving roles. Amidst the challenges of constant change, we focus on empowerment and resilience, fostering unity and skill recognition among teams.

Our programs provide a rare opportunity to step back from daily demands, prioritising individual and collective well-being.

Transform to Thrive takes people through reflection, collaboration, and growth, as we equip ourselves to thrive personally and professionally in today's dynamic workplaces.

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Focus and Thrive is a  workplace mindset and coaching program, is a comprehensive coaching program designed to equip participants with essential strategies to excel in today's dynamic workplace.

Dive into themes of mindset understanding, habit building, team support utilisation, intentional focus, distraction minimisation, and productivity enhancement.

Be individually coached by Angela Lockwood, Occupational Therapist who will ensure you get what you need to thrive in your work. The graduated program will ensure you understand what is needed to thrive in the modern workplace.

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Transform to Thrive equips Early Learning Educators with essential skills and resources to nurture children of all abilities. Our program, designed for both experienced and new staff, offers workshops, on-site support, professional supervision, and tailored resources. We understand the importance of providing quality care and fostering a culture of inclusion.

With Transform to Thrive, educators gain practical insights and strategies to engage with diverse young learners, ensuring every child thrives in their care.

Join us in building a community where children flourish, and educators feel empowered to make a difference.

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Wellbeing to Thrive, is a holistic program designed to cultivate a culture of wellness in primary schools.

Through immersive in-person workshops, comprehensive resources and learning modules, wellbeing newsletters, and engaging parent seminars, we address the unique needs of students, teachers, and families.

Our program aims to reinvigorate positive practices and unite the school community with a common language and behaviours of wellbeing. By fostering resilience, social emotional learning, our programs take a school community where everyone thrives. With a data-driven approach, we ensure our program remains effective and responsive to evolving needs.

Wellbeing to Thrive is a school wide approach where every child feels supported, understood, and equipped to thrive in a modern world.

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