Looking for greater focus in your work and life?

Then you are in the right place. Being constantly distracted feels like it is a never-ending cycle that stops us from living the life we choose.

What if finding greater focus in your life was possible? What could you achieve if you had more energy, time and focus? What difference would that make in your life? Imagine the possibilities!

I invite you to take a look around my site and see if there is something that resonates with you.

I have worked with busy professionals and busy brains my whole career so I have made sure that finding focus is accessible and possible. From interactive in-person workshops to personalised mentoring and innovative online programs, I provide practical solutions to keep you and your team focused, engaged and motivated.

You deserve to do work you love and live a life you choose.

I am here to help.




Hi, I'm Angela

I believe in a couple of things, really passionately. Firstly, I believe that every child deserves to have the best start in life, and that everyone deserves to have a life they choose. So, for the last 20 years as an Occupational Therapist, I have been on a quest to see how we can focus on what is important to us by understanding how we think, how we learn and how we engage with the world around us. 

I work across sectors and industries as what unites all of us is our ongoing challenge with how we use our time and energy. My online programs, workshops, key notes, books and podcast offer guidance on how we can thrive in the age of distraction.


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Distracted with Angela Lockwood

A podcast with practical brain-boosting strategies, expert insights, and real-life stories to help busy brains thrive in the age of distraction.

Distracted is the newly released podcast by Angela Lockwood a renowned occupational therapist and author.

Angela invites you to join her to explore brain-boosting strategies, gain insights from experts, and be inspired by real-life stories of people who navigate a noisy world. Whether you are a busy executive, business owner, parent or student, distraction stops us from living the life we choose.

It’s time to explore the age of distraction and learn the art of focus with Angela and her guest experts. Connect with Angela and learn how you can thrive in the age of distraction.



Candis Henry

Bossy Boots Early Learning

“We have been working with Angela for the past term and are so grateful for the opportunity.

Our team feel more confident and supported. Everyone is questioning the way we are doing things each day, it feels so much more purposeful when you have the deeper understanding of inclusion. The conversations between staff are positive and encouraging, we are excited to continue this work with Ange and provide the highest quality of care for the children at our centre."

Leanne Robbins

Parent Assembly Cluster

"We have been extremely privileged to have Angela Lockwood present to our school communities. After a disruptive couple of years Angela set the scene for our parents to reflect, review and refocus themselves and their families. Angela’s presentations are always very informative and engaging. The stories and examples Angela shares are relatable and easily applied in family life and her “down to earth” approach is appreciated by parents wanting the best for their children. Angela is dynamic, engaging and inspiring, delivering messages that resonate with all in our parent community. I highly recommend Angela Lockwood."



Brendon Cullen

Detective Chief Inspector
NSW Police Force

“As a manager of people that work in a high intensity, high risk workplace the importance of getting a balance between work life and home life is crucial to their well-being. Maintaining a healthy mental framework is so important to longevity, energy and happiness at home and work. Angela was recommended to me as someone that could not only talk to my team but teach them how to switch off, re energise and move forward in a positive way. In a very short time she left a significant and in some cases life changing impact on our first responders. Her enthusiastic, common sense approach to personal well being left my team wanting more. I highly recommend anyone that has a need to switch off but just can’t to seek out Angela . She may just change your life as well.”