Welcome to Distracted with Angela Lockwood.

Practical brain-boosting strategies, expert insights, and real-life stories to help busy brains thrive in the age of distraction.

Welcome to 'Distracted with Angela Lockwood', the podcast where practical meets purposeful in the pursuit of focus mastery.

Distracted is the newly released podcast by Angela Lockwood a renowned occupational therapist and author.

Angela invites you to join her to explore brain-boosting strategies, gain insights from experts, and be inspired by real-life stories of people who navigate a noisy world. Whether you are a busy executive, business owner, parent or student, distraction stops us from living the life we choose.

It’s time to explore the age of distraction and learn the art of focus with Angela and her guest experts.

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65: New Habits for Better Focus

Angela Lockwood shares her experience of changing her morning routine to improve her productivity and focus. She noticed that her brain would get fatigued in the afternoon and she would seek out distractions. By waking up at 4:30 am and doing her deep project work first thing in the morning, she was able to eliminate distractions and accomplish her most important tasks. This change in routine improved the quality of her work, her energy levels, and her ability to focus throughout the day.

✨Recognize your habits and behaviors that may be hindering your productivity and focus.

✨Consider changing your morning routine to prioritize deep project work and eliminate distractions.

✨Align your daily activities with your core values to create meaningful and productive days.

✨Take control of your time, energy, and attention to maximize your productivity and satisfaction with your work.