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Welcome to 'Distracted with Angela Lockwood', the podcast where practical meets purposeful in the pursuit of focus mastery.

Distracted is the newly released podcast by Angela Lockwood a renowned occupational therapist and author.

Angela invites you to join her to explore brain-boosting strategies, gain insights from experts, and be inspired by real-life stories of people who navigate a noisy world. Whether you are a busy executive, business owner, parent or student, distraction stops us from living the life we choose.

It’s time to explore the age of distraction and learn the art of focus with Angela and her guest experts.

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58: Navigating ADHD Diagnosis at 44

In this episode, Angela Lockwood interviews Juris Doctor Candidate Lyndal Brennan, a woman in her 40s who was recently diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). In the interview Angela and Lyndall discuss the increase in ADHD diagnosis for women in their 40s and the misconceptions surrounding ADHD. Lyndal shares her experiences and journey with ADHD, including her struggles and how she taps into her strengths to better understand her capabilities. They also discuss the importance of finding support and connecting with others who have ADHD.

In this episode we cover;

There is an increase in ADHD diagnosis for women in their 40s.

ADHD can present differently in girls and boys.

ADHD can impact health and wellbeing, causing overwhelm.

✨Finding support and connecting with others who have ADHD is important.

✨Embracing the journey and seeking diagnosis or support can lead to a purpose-driven way of living.