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Are you looking for more ways to help your busy child find calm in their day? Calming Strategies for Busy Kids will help with simple ways you can create a calm family life and support your child to slow down and enjoy life that little bit more.

Device Free Activities for Busy Brains

The Device Free Activities for Busy Brains handbook is a parent's guide to supporting their child stay connected to the world around them. Packed with simple ways to expand your child's social connections, physical skills and stay connected to family activities all off their device.

It is possible!

What People Are Saying:

As a Mum of 4 kids – 16 through to a newborn! – life is busy! And keeping up with the changes that kids are facing is exhausting, with each new phase of development we’re faced with new challenges. Having a resource centre helps me navigate the world of parenting in a caring, supported and informative way that gives me confidence in my parenting and in my children’s future.

Melissa Marsden - Mum of 4