Revolutionise your child care centre's approach to inclusion. 



Do you find it challenging to address the diverse needs of children with disabilities or additional needs within your centre?

Inclusion Starts provides simple and practical ways to understand the changing needs of children with additional needs.


Do you wish to educate and equip your staff with the knowledge and skills to implement inclusive practices?

Inclusion Starts has strategies educators can implement straight away while receiving feedback and guidance when they need it.


Do you need a comprehensive program that builds the capacity and confidence of your child care educators?

With skills like communicating with parents, engaging with therapists and seeking support ensures your team have the confidence to help all children thrive.  

Are you ready to revolutionise your child care centre's approach to inclusion?

Imagine creating an environment where every child, regardless of their abilities or needs, can thrive and reach their full potential. Our comprehensive program, specifically designed for child care educators like you, will empower you to lead the way in inclusive education.

What we cover in the program

In today's world, inclusive child care is more important than ever. Inclusion Starts, is a live, online 4-module journey that will equip your educators with the knowledge, skills, and tools to transform your centre into an inclusive haven. Accessible from any device no matter where you are, your child care educators can access this program.
Module 1

Embracing Inclusion, provides a deep understanding of the principles and importance of inclusion. Learn strategies to foster an inclusive environment, laying the foundation for inclusive practices that benefit all children.

Module 2

Understanding Additional Needs delves into the diverse needs of children. Gain insights into various conditions and developmental delays. Discover strategies to enhance all kids' learning experiences.

Module 3

Communicating with Confidence focuses on developing communication skills that are essential for engaging with children with additional needs including interactions and communication with parents and colleagues.

Module 4

Building Your Team of Support helps you tap into your network and discover how effective collaboration with families, therapy teams and other educators can support your professional development and confidence.

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Does this sound familiar?

  • You are seeing more children coming into your centre with a range of complex and additional needs.
  • Behaviour management feels like it is dominating the day.
  • You are trying strategies but they are not enough.
  • There are greater demands being placed your team beyond what their training covers.
  •  You are concerned your team are becoming overwhelmed and burnt out. 
  • You wish you had access to a team of expert inclusion support.
  • You want to be a leader in inclusion and help all kids thrive in your centre and staff to feel confident in their work.
If any of these sounds like you, keep reading, because you’re exactly where you need to be.

Specialised inclusion training for child care educators

Building the capacity and capability of early child educators to include children with additional needs.

Educating has become more challenging with greater demands on educators to cater for the individual needs of each child. However, you already know this. Each year we are seeing a broader scope of children's abilities and needs, and educators are feeling the pressure. The pressure to understand and cater for each child to be the best learner they can be, while keeping up with their health and developmental needs can feel overwhelming.

Consider Inclusion Starts as your resource supporting you with each and every step you take on your journey to better support your students with additional needs – without the overwhelm.

Inclusion Starts.

Building confidence, capacity and capability of early childhood educators

Don't miss this opportunity to make a lasting impact on the lives of children with disabilities or additional needs. Join the ranks of leading child care centres that prioritise inclusion and create a nurturing environment for every child. Enroll in our "Inclusion Starts" program today and be at the forefront of the inclusive education movement. Together, let's create a future where every child can thrive.

By the end of the program, participants will have…

  • Enhanced Knowledge: Participants will gain a deep understanding of inclusion principles, additional needs, and strategies to create an inclusive environment in their child care setting.

  • Improved Skills: Participants will develop practical skills to effectively communicate with children with disabilities or additional needs, accommodate their diverse requirements, and support their overall development.

  • Increased Confidence: Participants will gain the confidence to implement inclusive practices, engage with families, collaborate with specialists, and advocate for children with additional needs within their child care centre.

  • Strengthened Leadership: Participants will become leaders in inclusive education, driving positive change in their child care centre to create an inclusive culture and environment.

  • Positive Impact: Participants will make a significant impact on the lives of children with disabilities or additional needs by fostering their sense of belonging, promoting their learning and development, and build their capacity as life long learners.

What's included in Inclusion Starts?
  • Live program so no pre-recorded videos. You have access to the facilitator in real time!
  • Support and guidance throughout the program as you become confident in understanding the strategies.
  • Confidence to implement these skills straight away in your classroom.  
  • Easy to understand explanation of terms and resources. 
  • Beautifully designed downloadable resources and templates you can use. 
  • Confusion and overwhelm removed from supporting the diverse needs of your students.
  • Build a network of support with other program attendees. 
  • Certificate of Completion available for all participants – a good piece of professional development evidence for your CPD folder.
  • Inclusion Starts Champion marketing package for centres who enrol multiple team members.

Individual Registration



Full workbook to follow

4 x Weekly live sessions

Q&A with Angela Lockwood

Downloadable resources

Certificate of Completion


Multiple team enrolments


Full workbook to follow for all team members

4 x Weekly live sessions

Q&A with Angela Lockwood

Downloadable resources

Certificates of completion 

Inclusion Starts Champion marketing package

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Meet your facilitator, Angela

For the last 20 years I have been working in classrooms alongside teachers providing school based Occupational Therapy services. I am a health professional who has always worked in educational settings, so my whole career I have been bridging the gap between the health and educational needs of students.

My purpose is to help kids have the best start in life and help educators focus on doing the work they love.

My work developing and implementing school and centre based programs to streamline services between the health and education sectors have been used in Australia and Canada. These practices challenge the way children with additional and diverse needs are included in mainstream settings. I love a good challenge!

With a commitment to forging new and innovative paths I was the National Manager of Community Engagement with a Local Area Coordination service for the roll-out of engagement and capacity building programs for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and was CEO of the child safety organization Kidsafe (NT).

My work, no matter the workplace, has always been to help children have the best start in life. Thanks for being here and joining me on this quest.

Angela has provided expert opinion on leading mainstream, parenting and lifestyle media such as Channel 9, Today EXTRA, The Australian Financial Review, Good Health magazine, Huffington Post, Mamamia, Radio 2UE.

Her regular segment on “The Luke and Susie Show” is syndicated across Australia and is the host of “Your Life” Podcast available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Play.

Happy Schools


Candis Henry, Director Bossy Boots Early Learning

“We have been working with Angela for the past term and are so grateful for the opportunity. Our team feel more confident and supported. Everyone is questioning the way we are doing things each day, it feels so much more purposeful when you have the deeper understanding of inclusion. The conversations between staff are positive and encouraging, we are excited to continue this work with Ange and provide the highest quality of care for the children at our centre."

Mrs Lynne Pull, Principal St Anthony's Primary School, Kingscliff

“The pace of life these days contributes to a sense of always feeling like we have too much to do and not enough time to do it so we constantly feel overwhelmed, stressed and anxious. Collaborating with the expertise of a health professional such as Angela Lockwood has enabled all in the school community to realise how to be proactive in taking responsibility for our own health and well-being. Building community partnerships and working relationships between schools and health services enables us to provide additional support and resources for students and their families. We can learn so much from each other.”

Diane Core, Additional Needs Teacher / School Psychologist

“Since Angela has been working within our school, there has been a difference in student performance in class since participating in Angela’s programs. Angela works in liaison with parents, the teachers, executive staff and the school counsellor to develop a more multi-team approach to attend to students’ needs. The outcomes are fantastic."




What we have been asked about the program.