“There is no doubt Angela has much to offer. Her open, funny and practical sessions reached our students on a level they could connect with. Angela has a powerful message and commands an audience providing a story based lesson that is backed up with grounded applications for real life. She is an infectious and inspiring role model for young women who are empowered by her honesty and sincerity. Angela was flexible and open despite the challenges we threw at her and we are so pleased our choices led us and our students to such an entertaining guest speaker.”
Carley O'Connell - Registered Psychologist, Helensvale High School QLD
Angela spoke at our Chamber of Commerce breakfast and her subject “The Power of Conscious Choice” was very well received. It got us thinking and the sign of a great presenter is the number of questions after the presentation. We had to stop them coming!. The content was great and Angels related well to all members of the audience. We will invite her back.
Russell Reardon - Mugeerabah Chamber of Commerce QLD

I met Angela Lockwood as a new board member in the early days of the restructure of Kidsafe NT. Angela quickly became Manager of programs and the face of of Kidsafe NT. Under Angela's management the organisation quickly developed a large public profile and a defined program structure. At this time Kidsafe NT was able to resecure vital funding and establish new partnerships, due to Angela's work. Angela was then asked to take on the role of CEO and grew the profile of the organisation immensely and secured a new premisis for the organisation to grow.
From a personal point of view Angela has helped me to become a much more effective CEO. Her passion for producitivity, work life balance and working on what is important is infectious. Angela is not just a great teacher but lives the strategies she speaks of.
Scott Phillips - CEO, Kidsafe WA

What a no nonsense, direct and passionate woman to watch, learn from and be inspired by. I saw Angela present a keynote recently and thought how perfect she is for empowering others to live free of mediocrity at work and in life.
Christina Guidotti - Christina Guidotti International (Aust) Pty Ltd

Thoroughly enjoyed Angela's presentation and her humour on stage. Angela is so authentic in her presentation style, gives it all and has no problems shining her light.
I like the high energy created in the room and value her well crafted presentation. Thanks Angela.
Susanne Ridolfi - Bodydynamics (Aust) Pty Ltd

It was fantastic to have Angela speak at our conference the feedback from participants has been extraordinary. The way she delivered the material was engaging and entertaining and I know everyone left with some great ideas and actions.
I would love to have Angela come and speak again and would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone looking for an inspiring keynote that energises your participants.
Marcus Bird - Ultimate Practice Building Convention and Director of Intrinsic Success

Angela is passionate, exciting, captivating and so much more. I had the pleasure to emcee the Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Forum for Women in the Northern Territory recently for which Angela was a keynote speaker. After a long morning of speakers Angela was last up and what a way to re-energise the audience, you just can’t help but be engaged and drawn in. Angela is an absolute professional. From the way she presents herself, to the material she delivers and the interaction with an audience; this lady has it all. If you are looking to re-energise yourself or your teams Angela Lockwood is without a doubt an asset you need. Classy, confident and most of all; compelling!
Aaron Hockey – Business Banking Manager, Bendigo Bank

Angela’s presentation to our group was enthusiastic, practical, inspiring and applicable for the workplace, sporting arena or personally. If you need to put energy and purpose into your life or business, we highly recommend Angela Lockwood.
Annette Howie - Women’s Network Northern Territory

Angela is Australia's newest 'rockstar' speaker. Her messages around passion, purpose and partnerships are down to earth, practical, but most importantly, inspiring. Organisations and conference organisers who book her now will look back on their decision two ways;1. How lucky they were to have her come in and inspire their audience 2. They knew her before the rest of the world discovered her.
Darren Hill - Director of Pragmatic Thinking and Author of Dealing with the Tough Stuff

It was great to see your presentation and the reaction of the audience, as someone said to me “you could have heard a pin drop”! As a speaker, you cannot hope for more than that, an audience who is enthralled in your presentation. The value and relevance of your presentation to the theme of the dinner and the Customer Care Awards was perfectly balanced, with consideration being given to the “social” aspect of the night. Well done!
Anne-Maree Crowe - General Manager, Mercure Centro Hotel

I engaged Angela to deliver two webinar series to our members in 2013. Dealing with Angela was a breeze, she was professional and punctual! The feedback I have received from attendees was great, many praised Angela’s enthusiasm and found her to be an inspiration and an excellent presenter. She made the therapists think about their roles and review their own practice in a considered manner.
Julie Newton - National Professional Development Coordinator, Occupational Therapy Australia

I recently had the opportunity to see Angela provide her “What’s stopping you?” presentation. Once again this reminds us that delivering real customer service is a differentiator in a crowded market place. While everyone says they value their customers, Angela’s presentation is a good reminder that actually delivering a superior service is much more important than just talking about it. Angela’s emphasis on the three P’s, being Passion, Purpose and Partnerships is the cornerstone of delivering great customer service and a solid foundation to build on. Angela’s simple yet effective presentation, reminds the audience that great customer service is within reach for all businesses, but unfortunately only attained by a small few. Those that make the time to take on board Angela’s Passion, Purpose and Partnerships message will no doubt separate themselves from the crowd.
Robert De Lepervanche - Partner, Compass Financial Management

Our mentoring sessions with Angela have been unbelievably valuable to us. She listens to what we want and manages to articulate our vision in a way we never could have. We feel that she has enabled us to take back the reins and gallop into a new phase of our business.
She breathes passion for her work and in turn our work. We have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the process so far, and as we say here, “she’s better than gold, she’s platinum!
Beth Taylor and Ngaire Turnbull - Territory Hands

Really enjoyed your enthusiastic and energizing talk yesterday. I came home last night, had a 'brain dump' and then planned my entire week in under 15 minutes as you suggested. Got up this morning and felt very clear about my priorities today and so far am on track and feeling wonderful. Thank you so much.
Lori Chaproniere - Rievendell Reiki and Meditation

Angela's energy coupled with enthusiasm, optimism and professionalism has certainly made a difference to the way I do business with clients. Angela encouraged me personally to go that extra mile and taught me that networking with others is key to success as you never know where such connections will take you. I would recommend Angela's prioritizing webinar to anyone and everyone. Angela's golf ball methodology in replacement of the traditional "to do list" has been a great tool for me.
Amber Fuller- Artisan Paper Studio

I sought Angela’s expertise to guide us in establishing direction for our new special interest group. In the course of a single evening Angela was able to help us clarify what we all wanted to achieve from the group and set goals for the coming year. With Angela’s assistance we became a focused and motivated group. Angela’s knowledge of the dimensions of leadership and management as well as the key components for success was as amazing as her ability to engage the group and encourage us to get the most out of the group we were building. I recommend Angela to anyone wanting assistance in clarifying and setting group goals and moving forward for success.
Cherry Reynolds; Leadership and Management Special Interest Group - Occupational Therapy Australia

I really appreciated the last 6 weeks – great ‘food for thought’ in many ways. I will have some lasting change.
Jan Nathan- Occupational Therapist Vic

I felt good after your session. Your workshop is like 'game of thrones'….the hour flies and I don't want the series to end!
Niki Phibbs - Cairns Occupational Therapy

I have faced some personal issues and have grown as a person, found direction for myself, which has flow on effects for my family and business. I am now feeling more confident and have learnt lots of tips to help keep me focused on the things that impact on my life, both personal and business, so that both the business and myself can continue to go. I absolutely love that fact that you take each issue/situation back to a simple approach. Life is made to complicated and you have made me realise that any part of our life can be simplified by the way we look at it. Each day we make a choice as to what our day will be like. I am really grateful that I made a choice to include you in my life!! Thank you.
Tanya Antonelli- Owner Subway, Mt Gillen

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your keynote address at the 2011 Customer Care Service Excellence Awards. My experience has shown that the Customer Care audience is a very demanding one and it is unusual that I hear only positive comments as was the case with your presentation. The audience appeared captivated by the material, your style, energy and inclusion of interesting anecdotes.Thank you Angela, you were truly the highlight of the 5th Customer Care Service Excellence Awards.
Trevor Sargeant - Economic Development Manager, Port Macquarie-Hastings Council

The success of our workshop was a testimony to Angela's ability to keep the staff interested and engaged. The safe, positive and energetic environment that Angela created on the day meant our team felt comfortable and excited about providing their ideas and feedback to the group. We have now developed an action list which ensures Latitude 12 will fully utilise and benefit from the information gathered on the day.
Atma Maharaj - Chief Executive Officer, Latitude 12 Pty Ltd

In my time with Angela I have found her to be very knowledgeable and trusting. Angela is engaged with what she does and honest with her feedback. She encourages open discussion in a friendly, but professional forum. Although I was challenged at times, I have found Angela to be enthusiastic with regards to my progress . Highly recommended.
Nick Horsley - Regional Manager, NT Medical Imaging, I-Med Network

Angela's mentoring program, is a perfect match for her. She never see hurdles or obstacles like the rest of us and always finds solutions and different avenues to meet goals and objectives. To impart even just a small amount of that wisdom to the rest of us is priceless.
Melanie Hatcher - Creative Director of 47 Butterflies

Angela provided two workshops for Chamber of Commerce NT – Alice Springs. One to the business women on ‘Continued Vibrancy’, where Angela encouraged women to value their self worth. It was great to see the women develop from being quiet and withdrawn at the beginning of the day, to become vibrant enthusiastic people who could take on the world. I recommend this workshop to anyone who needs an ego boost .The second day of workshops addressed customer care for frontline staff. ‘Vibrant people. Vibrant business.’ delivered tools to employers and employees to assist them maximise their customer loyalty. Angela empowered participants to take ownership of their behaviour and feel good about delivering great customer service. Trades people were in awe of how important they really are to their business. This workshop is a must for any business relying on staff to keep their business on top!
Kay Eade - Executive Officer Central Australia- Chamber of Commerce Northern Territory

I recently attended your course - Continuous Vibrancy and... Well, it was amazing. I am naturally a vibrant person and very driven, but after attending your program I felt as if I had further knowledge on how how to continue to be this person. I felt challenged during the workshop to reflect on my individual situation which in turn allowed me to have a break-through within my career.... All due to the course and Angela's insight throughout it. I felt the way that the course was delivered allowed everyday women to relate to the information & advice. I would recommend this course for any female in business looking at improving their energy or just being empowered.... Amazing job Angela, when's the next one?
Bridget Headland - Broker- Aussie

I came into Angela's program quite lost about the direction my life and business were heading. The process of change is always challenging, however, Angela helped me to seek clarity for my life by asking the tough questions in a vibrant and fun environment! Her honesty shines through so much and her aim is always to help you be the best you can be. As a young woman in business, this course was just so valuable to get the help I really needed to move on with my life and business. Angela is quite to motivator for woman of all ages out there!
Leah Chandler - Emma Page Jewelery

Angela's Continuous Vibrancy program created reflection time for me to re-evaluate my real work and life purpose, notice habits of mind that have become entrenched and then become reinvigorated to free myself up to concentrate more on life’s pleasures. Reflecting on what’s great about my life right now was most empowering. So, the saying that: “whatever you want in life, your best investment is in you” carries much weight. Thank you, Angela.
Louise Bilato - Director, IM

Angela has helped me on so many levels. In only the three sessions I spent with her, her enthusiasm has inspired me to want more for myself because I am worth it. She has taught me how to stay focused and to take personal responsibly for myself. By simply acknowledging these simple facts and applying them to my day to day life I have found that many wonderful opportunities have opened right up for me, just like Angela said they would. Thank you Angela for showing me how to bring out a more vibrant version of me.
Casey Fraser - Administration Manager, NT Medical Imaging

I and all my team would like to thank you for facilitating our workshop. It was done with panache, professionalism and enthusiasm. It was a delight for us having you working with us as nothing was too much trouble we could always reach you were always obliging. It was obvious that you had done a lot of work to tailor the workshop to our specific needs. You meet all the aims and objectives that we set. The feedback from the majority of the participants was that it was the best workshop ever.
Lesley Nuttall - Trachoma Coordinator Top End Centre for Disease Control, Health Protection Department of Health-Northern Territory Government

Plenty of people say it, but Angela is the real thing, she is the epitome of a 'people person'. Her natural ability to connect with others enables her to lift them and explore possibilities, which leaves them wanting more. As a trainer, mentor and a coach Angela's unique talent is her ability to uncover new solutions and to ultimately motivate others to get stuff done. Her entrepreneurial mindset coupled with her passion for supporting individuals and teams to be the best they can be ensures success. If you need a new perspective, practical solutions, and someone in your corner backing you to achieve your goals then look no further than Angela.
Alison Hill - Psychologist and Director of Pragmatic Thinking

Angela is a gifted presenter who is engaging, approachable and her key messages resonate strongly with those who work with her. Angela's passion shines in her work and she makes a lasting impression. I wholeheartedly recommend you to Angela's services.
Adam Voigt - Educational Consultant

Angela has proved to be an excellent communicator with good organizational skills and is very professional in her approach. She is prompt, honest and efficient. She is very organized with excellent skills to pass on to others.
Annette Howie - Director Projection Plus

Please accept my congratulations and sincere thanks for your hard work and commitment that resulted in the delivery of such successful training.
Department of Community Services Project Officer, Mid North Coast, NSW