Switch off to succeed workshop

Drawing upon years of experience as an OT, corporate and business mentor Angela sees one thing that unites everyone ... they are all in desperate need to learn how to switch off! The skill of disconnection is lacking in an overconnected, overstimulated and overwhelming world.

This program will empower your team to integrate the skills of switching off into their business and personal lives while still keeping up with the speed and needs of life.

Based on the teachings from the book of the same name, this program will help your team to;

  • Recognise when it’s time to switch off and why it matters
  • Understand the behaviours and triggers that relate to stress and overwhelm and what to do when they arise
  • Understand energy flow and how to maximise it for enhanced productivity
  • Learn the key actions to take to slow down
  • Build habits that help you flick the switch at work and home
  • Create an environment that supports health

Angela’s workshops are a mix of education, activity and interaction … and always lots of fun!

This workshop available in half and full day programs
Book sales, signing or bulk purchase available

Why book Angela for training?

Angela keeps participants engaged and on track and makes sure they have fun while there. She understands the sessions are key in developing future plans and goals for an organisation and can make positive changes for people in how they view their work. 

You can be guaranteed Angela's programs are lively, inclusive and ensure everyone leaves with a clear focus and direction for themselves and their business or organisation.

CLIENT testimonials

A group of NT Government senior manager spent half a day with Angela Lockwood in a Taking Time to Succeed Workshop. The morning was time well spent and has us all thinking about priorities and choices in a new way. We have some useful tools that everyone is using in ways that suit their styles. I am now regularly writing my brain dump to get my cluttered mind on paper and this is fantastic. I am also scheduling time in my calendar for tasks as well as meetings…so simple but effective. All attendees received Angela’s book and this is also a worthwhile investment if you’re not lucky enough to have half a day with Angela. I will be inviting Angela back early next year to work with another group and follow up with the first group. Thanks for a great morning!
— Peta Preo- Northern Territory Government
I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to Angela presenting the ‘Therapist Centred Practice’ series. The program was presented in such a user friendly manner and you were instantly able to implement strategies discussed.
Angela provides a beautiful framework that allows you to reflect on your professional practice and also personal goals/aspiration. However, she facilitates the reflection in a way that so beautifully simple it provides clarity and more importantly translates to action! I have noticed a significant change in my personal and professional life engaging with Angela. I feel more authentic in my clinical practice as I truly believe I now ‘practice what I preach’. It was an absolute pleasure working with Angela; she is so generous to share her insights and strengths with other in such an accessible way! Thank you again Angela!!!
— Amanda Donald- Occupational Therapist