Angela’s infectious energy and relatable, open approach has captivated audiences across a variety of sectors. Her powerful keynotes, Switch off and The Continuum of Choice will leave your team more energised, focused and motivated – personally and professionally – than ever before.

Angela is also available for half and full day workshops, panel sessions, facilitation of business planning and strategy days, executive mentoring and one-on-one consultations.


Switch off for success

Keynote available in 45 or 90 minute form


Drawing upon years of experience as an OT, corporate and business mentor Angela sees one thing that unites everyone ... they are all in desperate need to learn how to switch off! The skill of disconnection is lacking in an overconnected, overstimulated and overwhelming world.

This keynote shows the audience how to integrate the skills of switching off into their business and personal lives while still keeping up with the speed and needs of life.

Based on the teachings from the book of the same name, this keynote will help people to;

  • Recognise when it’s time to switch off

  • Understand the behaviours and triggers that relate to stress and overwhelm

  • Build habits that help ‘flick the switch’ at work and at home

  • Create an environment that supports health and wellbeing

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The decision continuum

Keynote available in 45 or 90 minute form

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In a world where we are faced with an overwhelm of choice, decision-makers, business owners and leaders are finding it harder to decide on the best next step for their organisations and for themselves. When just getting the basics done is a goal in itself, taking action towards stability and growth becomes too overwhelming and time consuming. As a result making decisions becomes too complex.

Making better choices is not a new concept, but the speed of modern-day business is. We need to pay attention now, before choices are made for us.

In this keynote inspired by Angela’s book The Power of Conscious Choice, the audience will learn how to;

  • Simplify decision making

  • Make confident choices in work and life

  • Learn ways to continue to make the best decisions

  • Simplify decision-making processes

Book sales, signing or bulk purchase available


As a manager of people that work in a high intensity, high risk workplace the importance of getting a balance between work life and home life is crucial to their well-being. Maintaining a healthy mental framework is so important to longevity, energy and happiness at home and work. Angela was suggested to me by a colleague as someone that could not only talk to police but teach them how to switch off, re energise and move forward in a positive way. In a very short time she left a significant and in some cases life changing impact on our first responders. Her enthusiastic, common sense approach to personal well being left my team wanting more. I highly recommend anyone that has a need to switch off but just cant to seek out Angela . She may just change your life as well.
— Brendon Cullen, Detective Chief Inspector, NSW Police Force

Panel expert

Angela’s mix of professionalism and humour make her the perfect addition to any panel. Angela’s topics of expertise include; health and wellbeing, workplace health, business decision making, breaking through plateaus, child development.


Angela’s half day and full day workshops are an excellent addition to any conference schedule. Going deeper on topics covered in her keynotes, the workshops are interactive and activity-based leaving your team with strategies and tools on how to transfer what they’ve learnt back into their work and personal life. Angela’s workshop means real learning occurs not just a feel good pick me up.