The Power of Conscious Choice eBook - iBook

The Power of Conscious Choice eBook - iBook


How to make better decisions about the things that matter.

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Is your world moving too fast?

Do you find there is more to do, and less time to do it in?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of decisions you have to make?

Angela Lockwood understands the power of conscious choice better than anyone. Angela had her sights set on playing hockey at the 2000 Olympics, when she was hit in the head by a hockey ball that fractured her skull.

Told she would have difficulties hearing and speaking again, she overcame insurmountable odds and learned that success can be achieved if you focus on what matters.

Today she is a corporate speaker and business mentor who collaborates with and advises businesses on the best and most effective ways to make better choices. Angela’s powerful and efficient strategies help shift businesses when they are stuck to generate positive momentum.

In this book Angela will show you how to:

  • Make confident choices.
  • Find success through focusing on what’s important.
  • Become more productive through using your time better.
  • Learn from your past choices how to make better decisions in business and life.

Angela Lockwood’s realistic and practical strategies detailed in this book can help you make better decisions in work and life. You can join Angela and the multitude of people who have learnt from her that life doesn’t have to be so complicated. It can be just as you choose.