The Switch Off Project is a program designed for students in their senior years of school to help build resilience and the skills needed to keep up with the complexity and pace of life.

The Switch Off Project is a carefully developed program that comes from the perspective of the student. Working with them to show why managing technology, taking time out to care for themselves and surrounding themselves with the right people will help them deal with the pressures of school life while developing the skills to take them into adulthood.

Based on the teachings from the book Switch Off. How to find calm in a noisy world, the Switch Off Project will help students to;

  • Recognise when it’s time to switch off from technology and establish good habits when it comes to using devices

  • Understand their behaviours and the triggers that relate to anxiety, stress, pressure and overwhelm and how to make the necessary changes

  • Build healthy habits that help them ‘flick the switch’ between school, family, sporting and social life

  • How to stay focused on what is important

  • How to establish positive role models and teams to support their goals

  • Create a life environment that supports their health and wellbeing

With a multitude of programs and information available online for students to access through the click of a button accessing information is not an issue. However, finding evidence-based, meaningful and relevant information specific to their current needs is a challenge. The Switch Off Project places all of the information they need to manage anxiety, pressure and stress while taking care of their health and wellbeing in one place.

The success of the Switch Off Project is in its design mix of a live school based presentation followed by individual access to the online platform to encourage integrating the skills of switching off into their lives long after the school based session. 


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There is no doubt Angela has much to offer. Her open, funny and practical sessions reached our students on a level they could connect with. Angela has a powerful message and commands an audience providing a story based lesson that is backed up with grounded applications for real life. She is an infectious and inspiring role model for young women who are empowered by her honesty and sincerity. Angela was flexible and open despite the challenges we threw at her and we are so pleased our choices led us and our students to such an entertaining guest speaker.
— Carley O'Connell- Registered Psychologist, Helensvale High School QLD
The pace of life these days contributes to a sense of always feeling like we have too much to do and not enough time to do it so we constantly feel overwhelmed, stressed and anxious. Collaborating with the expertise of a health professional such as Angela Lockwood has enabled all in the school community to realise how to be proactive in taking responsibility for our own health and well-being. Building community partnerships and working relationships between schools and health services enables us to provide additional support and resources for students and their families. We can learn so much from each other.
— Mrs Lynne Pull, Principal St Anthony's Primary School, Kingscliff