Stillness enhances productivity

Do you see yourself as an introvert, an extrovert or a mix of the two? People would naturally assume I am an extrovert. I can see why. I speak in front of people for a living often spending time in large groups and use my energy to motivate. However surprisingly, I am actually quite introverted, preferring to spend time in quiet being energised by space and stillness. If you find me walking along the beach on my own, I am exactly in my happy place and my sweet spot of recharge. This time is key for me in finding and creating flow and listening to the sounds of stillness that are so often dampened by the noise of the day. I find in this stillness I tune in to the ideas yelling to be heard, I notice universal signs I am often blind to and I find joy in the simple things I often overlook.

It is in the following two hours after any pressing pause activity, like my walking along the beach, I move into my peak productivity and creativity space. It is within these two hours where my thoughts flow freely, my perspective widens and my head tilts a little off centre allowing me to see things a little clearer about what lies in front of me. This is my ‘on fire’ time!

We all have our sweet space where switching off allows us to bounce back with energy and focus. What is your to go activity? Not sure? Don’t worry for some people it is crystal clear, for others we might need to go a little deeper. To find your pressing pause activity ask yourself;

  • What is your go-to activity when overwhelm hits?

  • What activity makes you feel re-centred when you feel you are moving off-track?

  • Where do you love to escape to … where is your happy place?

Reflect on these questions and when you do, your secret weapon to sparking productivity and creativity will reveal itself. It becomes your go-to place if you are stuck on a project, not sure about the next step or are seeking answers logic doesn’t seem to be delivering.

You may have one place or activity or you may have many. No matter if you are clear or are still searching, the key is to integrate pressing pause into your day as the hours that follow will create a spark in flow, motivation and productivity. Who knows taking time to read a book may bring forth the start of writing your own, or taking a morning walk could see you smash your to-do list or simply sitting in stillness and noticing what is happening around you may reveal the answers to the big questions you have been searching for.

Just breathe and enjoy!