10 questions to ask yourself

What a year it has been! I know we still have another 2 months to go, 59 days to be exact, but 2018 is swiftly coming to a close. Over the last 12 months or so I have been working on a project that has challenged me, enlightened me, excited me and frustrated me all at the same time. It required my family to step into a new industry of logistics management to manage the day to day and week to week happenings as I travelled interstate, while managing family activities, work expectations and trying to nurture relationships, my sanity and health. I have become skilled in packing a week's worth of clothes in carry-on (for a woman that is a high five in itself), and know how to plan, shop for and cook a week's worth of meals in under 3 hours. It was a project that showed me what I was capable of and even as important, what I want and don't want in my life.

For those of you who have worked with me before, you know that I get a bit excited in November as it is the time I become reflective and excited at the same time. I look back at the triumphs and the lows while looking forward to what opportunities await. I do this for myself and I do this with my mentoring clients. They all know come November, the 10 questions are ready and waiting and I know I'm not the only one that loves it!

Being the first day of November today I have wasted no time, I have taken myself off to a little coffee shop down the road, blocked out an hour or so (depending on how good the coffee is) and I have gone about answering my 10 questions. The answers are written in the same book I wrote in this time last year and the year before that and the year before that. This little book offers me insights into the behaviours, excuses and habits I keep dragging with me year into year but when I feel like I am not getting anywhere it is a reminder of the achievements and the challenges I have overcome. My own little book of motivation!

Through answering these 10 questions (you can download the 10 questions here) these were some of the insights I have gained over the last 12 crazy months;

1. I am capable of more than I ever imagined.
2. People came into my life at exactly the times I needed to teach me, to show me and to challenge me.
3. I thrive on stepping out of my comfort zone.
4. Focus and stamina takes hard work.
5. Switching off is not a luxury it is a necessity.
6. A lot can be done in a very short period of time.
7. Being clear on your purpose is imperative when s*i! hits the fan.
8. Energy management is more important than task management.
9. My husband and family are amazing.
10. The universe has my back.

From these insights I can round off the year with confidence in knowing the energy and effort expended was worth it and knowing what I now know the year ahead really is full with possibility and I can fill it just as I choose.

Enjoy taking time to work through the 10 questions. Jump over to my websiteand share your insights. I would love to hear them!