Keynote Topics

In a world where we are faced with an overwhelm of choice, decision-
makers, business owners and leaders are finding it harder to decide on the best next step for their organisations and for themselves. When just getting the basics done is a goal in itself, taking action towards stability and growth becomes too overwhelming and time consuming. As a result making decisions becomes too complex.

Making better choices is not a new concept, but the speed of modern-day business is. We need to pay attention now, before choices are made for us.

In this keynote you will learn how to;

  • Make overwhelming decisions, simple.
  • Make confident choices in work and life.
  • Simplify decision-making processes to achieve results that matter.


Hitting plateaus in energy and flow is typical in the cycle of business and life. Those who achieve success and satisfaction in work and life know how to use these plateaus to generate momentum. They make 3 key actions to help them become unstuck and move closer to the breakthrough that is just around the corner.

In Angela’s keynote, Amp It Up, she shows how to use plateaus in energy, productivity and growth to create your best work and she shares the 3 key actions you can take to move you closer to your biggest breakthrough yet.

Amp It Up is about making clear choices through the waves of a business’s growth and success.

Custom Workshops

Angela can customise her presentations and workshops to suit your conference theme or discussion points.  Here are some examples of workshops Angela has presented to various organisations;

  1. Taking time to succeed
  2. You matter
  3. Simplifying the quality improvement process.
  4. Creating connections
  5. Maximising you
  6. Therapist centred practice
  7. How to deliver excellence in a busy world
  8. How to perform at your best

It was great to have Angela involved in the SPHA Medicines Management conference. The feedback I’ve had has been great. Everyone loved Angela’s vibrant personality and her down to earth nature, which enable her to engage really well with the pharmacy technicians. Everyone came out of the sessions inspired and motivated which is a great outcome. Thanks for being a part of it!
Jo Keily - A/Director of Pharmacy, Committee Member, SPHA Medicines Management Conference

What a no nonsense, direct and passionate woman to watch, learn from and be inspired by. I saw Angela present a keynote recently and thought how perfect she is for empowering others to live free of mediocrity at work and in life.
Christina Guidotti - Christina Guidotti International (Aust) Pty Ltd

On behalf of OT Australia NSW and ACT and the conference program committee, we would like to thank you! Your energy, thought provoking enthusiasm and sense of humour was exactly the perfect ending to our conference. We look forward to working with you again in the future.
Sharna Dominish - Conference Organiser, OT Australia NSW/ACT

It was fantastic to have Angela speak at our conference the feedback from participants has been extraordinary. The way she delivered the material was engaging and entertaining and I know everyone left with some great ideas and actions.
I would love to have Angela come and speak again and would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone looking for an inspiring keynote that energises your participants.
Marcus Bird - Ultimate Practice Building Convention and Director of Intrinsic Success

Thoroughly enjoyed Angela's presentation and her humour on stage. Angela is so authentic in her presentation style, gives it all and has no problems shining her light.
I like the high energy created in the room and value her well crafted presentation. Thanks Angela.
Susanne Ridolfi - Bodydynamics (Aust) Pty Ltd