Health In Business Program

Do you feel that work dominates your life?

Do you want to do more but don’t have the time or money?

Is it time you saw your efforts rewarded?


No longer are health and business separate entities. As health professionals we need to be more innovative, responsive and passionate than ever.

The great news is you can have it all and you don’t have to do it alone!

Many health professionals combine their passion for health with an entrepreneurial mindset and go on to establish their own health business but often aren’t confident in the business skills needed to run a profitable business. 

There are plenty of distractors in business. Time constraints, role integration, service delivery, staffing, finances, business management and client demand can leave many health business owners feeling drained, even disconnected and disheartened with why they went into business in the first place.

This program will show you how to:

Learn how to stay loving your work.

Become clear on what you want from your business.

Create an income so you can live an abundant life.

Become skillful in linking with professionals who can support you in health and business.

Health in Business is an online webinar program, just for health professionals who own a business. 

Being in business is hard work so finally a program where you don’t have to do it alone! 

No more isolation for rural and remote or home based therapists.  

As long as you have an internet connection you are connected to other health professionals through this 6 session webinar program.

Health in business is a program that looks beyond clinical skills, to include the other facets of what makes you a health professional like personal and business skills.

This uniquely designed program considers your time and that as a business owner you want results, fast. 

Health in Business webinar program with Angela includes;

  • Registration to 6 interactive live webinars, hosted by Angela Lockwood just for program attendees- sessions are recorded and put up onto our secure attendee only web page so no worries if you can’t make it live.
  •  Access to the Members Only area, where you will benefit from new information and resources throughout the program. Including downloading of workbooks and tools and templates that can help your business soar.
  •  CPD points can be accrued for your industry and you don't even have to leave work to do so.
  • Receive the benefits of a multi-modal program so you can gain maximum learning benefit.

Health in Business - Webinar Program

Session 1 Implementing your vision Understand what is important to you and your clients.
Session 2 Executing your plan Know how to prioritise and get things done.
Session 3 Figures to know Understand the figures you MUST know to have a healthy practice and bottom line.
Session 4 Be in control Learn how to reach out to your network to get what you need.
Session 5 Stand out How to position yourself as a leader in your field.
Session 6 Expand your reach Learn what tools are important for your business to help you maximise leverage through marketing.