Kick start mentoring session

The kick start session is the perfect step to getting you on your way. Whether you are a busy executive, manager, business owner or trying to work out your path this session will show you a clear direction to help you be productive and achieve the results you need. Clarity, support, slow, focus, simplicity, breath, joy, light, attention. If any of these words resonate with you, then this is the place for you.

The Kick Start session includes:

Preparation tool to help clarify goals.

1 x 60 minute session using Skype technology or in person (addition costs where travel is required).

Kick start action plan to get you on your way to achieving your goals.

The sessions with Angela are ideal if you are looking for a third eye perspective on where you may be stuck in business or in your life, clarity on your next step, and the confidence to know you are on your right path.

If you have a team of people who would benefit from mentoring with Angela, you are not alone! Speak to the team about workplace mentoring packages.


Switch off to succeed leadership program

Drawing upon years of experience as an OT, corporate and business mentor Angela sees one thing that unites everyone ... they are all in desperate need to learn how to switch off! The skill of disconnection is lacking in an overconnected, overstimulated and overwhelming world.

This program will empower your team to integrate the skills of switching off into their business and personal lives while still keeping up with the speed and needs of life.

Based on the teachings from the book of the same name, this program will help your team to;

  • Recognise when it’s time to switch off and why it matters

  • Understand the behaviours and triggers that relate to stress and overwhelm and what to do when they arise

  • Understand energy flow and how to maximise it for enhanced productivity

  • Learn the key actions to take to slow down

  • Build habits that help you flick the switch at work and home

  • Create an environment that supports health

Angela’s workshops are a mix of education, activity and interaction … and always lots of fun!

This workshop available in half and full day programs
Book sales, signing or bulk purchase available

Executive mentoring program

The Switch Off to Succeed Executive Mentoring Program is designed to focus on the individual, their needs and their goals empowering them to give their best in work and life. 

Following a tailored step by step approach the program is delivered through a mix modal approach. The mentoring program is perfect for busy executives, managers and business owners wanting to slow down and still be productive and achieve results.

The program is delivered via a number of platforms using the magic (and not the stresses) of modern technology. 

With a mix of live online sessions, Angela’s Daily Wake Up Call emails, weekly accountability measures and a development pathway to ensure the individual has the skills, the tools and the ability to flick the switch when needed.

Mentoring options are a one-off private session with Angela and the 3-month program format